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Let Us “Sell Your Property”

Your Team - With guaranteed salaries, working for you as a true team to find Your 1 “Buyer”. When you list with another company, you are listing through one agent. They are working in a very competitive state with each other. In our office, due to guaranteed salaries, all Broker Agents are working together in harmony; complimenting each others energy to sell your property. Our Team has Sold more than anyone since 2006. The more Service your “Buyer” is provided, the happier they are. Our office is unique in providing Team - “Total Customer Satisfaction”.

Working Harder - Due to the only company giving guaranteed salaries to all Brokers/Agents, we are open more days & longer hours than any other company. Devoting more time to serve “Buyers” than anyone else. “Buyers” want Sales people on the Job. Our State of the Art Office is open 7 days a week, with late hours to catch “Buyers” at night & on holidays when most companies are closed. We are on the job when your buyer wants/needs Service on "Their Time".

Extensive Marketing - No One Markets Like We Do. We Have A Very Extensive, Continually Evolving Marketing Plan. 7 Very Expensive Billboards In Illinois & Wisconsin All our competition combined may have 1. We draw from the Tourists driving in and out of our Area, These are the bulk of the Buyers. We market on 30+ Real Estate Websites (90% of buyers shop online before they see a property in person). We hold an IL Brokers License and Membership to the Illinois MLS (The 2nd largest MLS in the U.S.), where most of the buyers come from. We offer IL agents the highest Buyer Referral (30%). We also utilize High Quality Photos, Full Color Brochures, Search Engine Marketing, our LakeGenevaAreaRealty.com Website + Much More to find Your “Buyer”.

Extensive Experience - Broker/Owner Sal Sr. has 28+ Years Extensive Experience: Developing, Contracting, Extensive Buying & Selling Residential & Commercial. Sal is now utilizing his extensive experience in marketing, promotion, sales and development to exclusively help others buy and sell. Sal Sr. gets involved in all transactions. We have been the #1 Selling Broker Team and #1 Listing Broker Team for the Entire Walworth County Area since 2006.

We Work Harder To Find Your “Buyer” - This is where we focus our time: “Buyers” & Marketing Your Property. We are continuously working with “Buyers”, Serving “Buyers” & improving our marketing campaigns to capture “Buyers” on every avenue. “Selling & Saving You $$$”.

Real Estate Is A Big Investment & Your Investment
Should Be Treated As a Business Saving You Money $$$

Sal founded ''www.The Time is Now To Help.org,'' a charitable foundation, which directly assists the poverty stricken. Not one penny donated goes towards overhead expenses, Sal covers all expenses. You will experience the Same Heart & Drive for helping people, to get your one buyer.

Rather than following traditional real estate companies, Sal created a Full Service + real estate company with true teamwork. All of our agents are Brokers, have guaranteed salaries & all work together. This results in greater effectiveness, to obtain “Buyers” as well as, peace of mind for clients and customers. Lake Geneva Area Realty is full service plus, open 7 days a week to meet your real estate needs and requirements for your Primary Home, Secondary Home, Vacation Home, Commercial, Investment, or whatever your real estate needs may be. Lake Geneva Area Realty understands the present market, knowing we need to do more for buyers reducing commission for sellers. For all of the above and more, “Our Team will Find your Buyer.”

Please Call 262-249-3000 for a Free CMA/Certified Market Analysis
Health & Happiness, God Bless, Sal’s Team

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